15 March, 2018
S’Alguer, rincones pintorescos de la Costa Brava.

S’Alguer, picturesque corners of the Costa Brava

There are places worth heading to. Places that show the authenticity of the area. Places that seem suspended in time. Places that are breathtaking. Cala S’Alguer is one of these places.
8 March, 2018
Restaurantes del Empordá que saben a Empordá Costa Brava Moments

Restaurants of l’Empordà that taste Empordà

It seems incredible that a Catalan farmhouse surrounded by vegetation in the middle of nowhere could become one of the most interesting sensory adventures you have ever experienced.
1 March, 2018
Garoines, l’autèntic sabor a Costa Brava, Magic Luxury Moments

Garoines, the authentic flavor of La Costa Brava

Every corner of Catalonia is differentiated by its landscape, patrimonial and gastronomic features. Some are characterized by the calçots, others by the xató and in the Baix Empordà, the Costa Brava, we have the famous garoines or uriços or garotes also known as erizos de mar, sea urchins.