Do you need to organize an event for your Company and do not know how to do it?

When organizing an event there are endless details to keep in mind so everything goes perfectly. Luckily, we can always count on small tricks that help us to match all pieces of the puzzle that make up the event.

Do you want to know our secret to organize an event easily and effectively?

Try our "EVENT" formula:
6 key steps that will help you with the organization.

1. Write the list of participants and / or guests on several lines.

2. Visualize in order how the event will take place.

3. Write in several columns the "pieces" to consider: hotel, transfers, meals, etc.

4. Ask for all the necessary details to fit all the "pieces".

5. Draw a table with all the elements.

6. Order the puzzle pieces and you're done!

In Lunique we are specialists in organizing events for companies.
Leave everything in our hands and just take care to enjoy.

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